We brought Olsenbanden back!

  • Gjensidige - VFX Breakdown
  • Gjensidige - Olsenbanden
  • Restoration of old footage - Olsenbanden
  • Rotoscoping
  • Advanced rotoscoping
  • Video 1: Gjensidige - VFX Breakdown
  • Video 2: Gjensidige - Olsenbanden
  • Video 3: Restoration of old footage - Olsenbanden
  • Video 4: Rotoscoping
  • Video 5: Advanced rotoscoping

A few words about the project

Production Company
VFX Supervisor
Øystein Larsen
VFX Producer
Fredrik Arntzen
Creative Team
Tarje Pladsen
Markus Bruland
Alex Wolf
Alexander Edström
Jan Ivar Solås
Sandra Lockertsen
Simon Björk
Post production
Shortcut Oslo
Production year

The awesome team at Pravda and Ernö let us bring Olsenbanden back with Gjensidige’s newest campaign.


We dustbusted, stabilized and rotoscoped the three characters from the original footage and added new environments.


We absolutely loved the opportunity to work on this spot. Olsenbanden is a national treasure, so it was important to us to make it believable and tasteful. Using the modern Barcode buildings at the Oslo harbour as a backdrop sets the mood and leaves no doubt that Olsenbanden is back in town ready to execute their next great heist. We carried over that modern look and feel into the vault room which was created entirely in CG including a state of the art, hi-tech Franz Jaeger vault.


VFX-Supervisor at Storm Studios, Øystein Larsen says “There were plenty of challenges bringing Olsenbanden into modern day Oslo. Restoring the original footage and making it look like it was shot today was the first great challenge. The other big task at hand was inserting the characters into a new environment, having them interact with CG objects and making it look believable. We had to pay great attention to details. We even had to digitally replace Egon’s suit in some of the shots for the sake of preserving a seamless (no pun intended) continuity.”


“I think everyone involved in this production loved every step of the process. Just seeing the beloved characters walk the streets of Oslo again was worth all the hard work” adds Fredrik Arntzen, producer at Storm Studios