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Another challenge was all the fog shots at sea. We were asked to add fog to a number of shots with ships in them. Since most of the fog needed to be behind the ships, we had to painstakingly roto the ships including all the ropes and small details to produce masks for the fog."


Storm Studios' VFX producer Tine Teigene Dalen says: "This project was a perfect project for us because we were involved a whole year before principal photography started. Our supervisor was able to give input to the production even before the script was finaled, thus enabling optimal use of vfx within the scope of the budget. Also, frequent pre-production meetings with cinematographer and director John Andreas Andersen and extensive on-set supervision made sure that we were able to work efficiently and produce a high number of high-end effects within the modest time and budget."


"John Andreas is great to work with on this type of project because he plans and documents his shots meticulously and sticks to the plan as much as possible. This gave us the opportunity to spend our resources on creating exiting images in stead of fixing badly planned footage", adds Morten.

200 shots - one of our biggest projects to date
Kaptein Sabeltann og skatten i Lama Rama

(English: Captain Sabertooth and the Lama Rama Treasure) is the first in a series of three movies starring the gold-loving pirate Captain Sabretooth and it will be Norway’s most expensive family film so far. In this movie the orphan boy Pinky follows the Captain on an exciting and dangerous journey across the big oceans to the kingdom of Lama Rama, hunting for a treasure and the answer to who is Pinky's father.


Storm Studios delivered close to 200 effect shots for the movie, making it one of our biggest projects to date. The shots contain a huge variety of effects from the entire city and surroundings of Lama Rama to adding fog to sequences at sea to creating digital water and fast paced action with animated coconuts flying through the air.


Storm Studios' VFX Supervisor Morten Moen explains: "It is far too seldom that we get to work on a real adventure like this one where we can create larger-than-life environments and effects. In this film we could let our creative powers flow while creating both the rickety pirate town of Abra Harbour and the gold adorned paradise of Lama Rama. Lama Rama was a fun task because it is supposed to be a mountainous country by the sea and it was filmed in a flat desert in Morocco, a very long way from the nearest shore.


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Digital Storytelling: Guardians of the Galaxy
Our VFX Supervisor Otto Thorbjørnsen and Compositing Supervisor Theodor Groeneboom from Framestore in London, will be discussing the craft and work on Guardians of the Galaxy in a three hour Masterclass entitled: Talking Racoons and Alien Worlds. Bringing life to the Marvel Universe. The event is arranged by Digital Storytelling and will be held at Westerdals School of Arts, Communication and Technology on Saturday, November 22nd.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a 2014 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. It has become a critical and financial success, having grossed over $654 million worldwide. The film is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.


Framestore created one of the heroes, Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and animated both Rocket and his walking CG tree companion, Groot (Vin Diesel), in the middle act of the movie that spanned more than 40 minutes and 633 final shots. Framestore also created Knowhere – a giant mined out skull that housed an entire city – the most complicated environment Framestore had ever built. Otto´s work on the movie comprised of look development and compositing over a time period of six months alongside Theodor.

Theodor has spent the past 13 years creating visual effects for commercials, broadcast television and feature films. For the last 5 years he has been with Framestore in London working on films such as Avatar, Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy. His post production work on Gravity earned him a Visual Effects Society award for “Outstanding Compositing In A Motion Picture Feature” at the 12th Annual VES awards in Los Angeles. As well as an Oscar for Best Visual Effects given to the Framestore Gravity team. He’s currently working as a compositing supervisor on an upcoming Marvel movie.


Otto started his VFX career at Storm Studios in 2005 and has since worked on 36 feature films, short films and TV­series. In addition he has worked on numerous commercials. He has received several awards and nominations for his work as VFX Supervisor and he is member of The Visual Effects Society (VES), a global professional honorary society for VFX professionals.


From 2012 to 2014 Otto lived in London and Melbourne. Guardians of the Galaxy was the seventh international blockbuster Otto worked on while residing abroad. Other productions he contributed to includes “Best Visual Effects” Academy Award winner Gravity, Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and the remake of RoboCop.
We are honoured to have welcomed Otto back to Storm Studios this autumn where he has joined our team as VFX Supervisor and Senior Compositor.


For more information and tickets to the Masterclass


Image courtesy of Framestore FCF and Marvel Studios.

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VFX-Supervisor at Storm Studios, Øystein Larsen says “There were plenty of challenges bringing Olsenbanden into modern day Oslo. Restoring the original footage and making it look like it was shot today was the first great challenge. The other big task at hand was inserting the characters into a new environment, having them interact with CG objects and making it look believable. We had to pay great attention to details. We even had to digitally replace Egon’s suit in some of the shots for the sake of preserving a seamless (no pun intended) continuity.”

“I think everyone involved in this production loved every step of the process. Just seeing the beloved characters walk the streets of Oslo again was worth all the hard work” adds Fredrik Arntzen, producer at Storm Studios

We brought Olsenbanden back!
The awesome team at Pravda and Ernö let us bring Olsenbanden back with Gjensidige’s newest campaign.

We dustbusted, stabilized and rotoscoped the three characters from the original footage and added new environments.

We absolutely loved the opportunity to work on this spot. Olsenbanden is a national treasure, so it was important to us to make it believable and tasteful. Using the modern Barcode buildings at the Oslo harbour as a backdrop sets the mood and leaves no doubt that Olsenbanden is back in town ready to execute their next great heist. We carried over that modern look and feel into the vault room which was created entirely in CG including a state of the art, hi-tech Franz Jaeger vault.


Visit our production page for more info

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Luck is no coincidence

Shortcut and Storm Studios had once more the pleasure of working with the lovely team at Einar Film and director Morten Tyldum for DDB and Unibet. This was DDBs first campaign for Unibet after they won the account this year. Unibet is Europe´s biggest online gaming company.


Øystein Larsen, VFX-Supervisor at Storm Studios says: "We shot two spots in the course of one day in Lisbon, Portugal. One spot for day time and one for night time. Planning this meant that we would use no green screen or other means to isolate the players on the field. For the night time spot, which was meant to depict a big game between Brazil and Croatia at the yet unfinished Corinthian stadium in Brazil, I wanted to assure we kept the energy and feel of a big game. We went about creating the stadium in 3D with crowds generated through a software called Miarmy. This worked very well for us, and played well with our in house renderer Arnold. We generated about 40.000 spectators with flags, banners and flashing cameras. There was quite a bit of work rotoscoping the foreground players, but it kept the shoot moving fast and gave us great dynamic stadium lighting on the players. Working with a director like Morten Tyldum is great, as he keeps the energy flowing through the entire shoot and we solve challenges creatively as we go. The great team here at Storm did a fantastic job implementing new software to handle the work, and pushed out high quality visuals in the matter of a few weeks."


Visit our Unibet production page for more info.

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Please find your way to our "Production" page for One Call, for behind the scenes footage.

In the land of boxes
In the latest commercials for One Call

(Norwegian telecom company) - Los & Co, Einar Film and director Aksel Hennie presents their latest idea, involving a large variety of very tiny environments and interiors, inside white boxes. The story addresses One Calls benefits compared to other telecom companies, and why they are "as good - just cheap".


Storm Studios was involved from early concept development, previz and on-set supervision during the shoot in Praque, to creating all the visual effect shots, which involved extensive keying/roto, digital backdrops and a full CG packshot.


Our in-house partners at Shortcut did the post production including color grading, sound design and online. With Storm and Shortcuts close in-house collaboration we could benefit from a seamless workflow and co-operation, from plate handling and offline support, to make sure the sound designer and colorist always work on the latest VFX versions. 



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Visit our OL production page for more info



Vi visste vi at det var gunstig å forsøke å filme så mye elementer vi kunne for deretter å spe på med CG elementer senere i prosessen, sier Øystein Larsen, VFX supervisor i Storm Studios.  Vi ønsket derfor snø i alle mulige varianter og konfigurasjonerog mye å ta tak i. Og fikk etterhvert et rikt bibliotek med elementer fra opptakene. I tillegg til dette simulerte vi utallige digitale elementer som is, frostrøyk, snø etc. som måtte være tilpasset hver enkelt av utøverens action i filmene. Videre forteller Øystein at vi benyttet oss faktisk ganske godt av en teknikk kalt deep compositing som lar oss på et meget godt vis justere elementer i henhold til hverandre dybdemessig etter at elementene er prosessert fra 3D. Dette hjalp oss å integrere utøvere som var skutt på grønt med 3D elementer på et tidsbesparende vis. Denne teknikken krever dog meget mye plass på disk.


Ved ferdigstilling hadde prosjektet nådd en størrelse på hele 9 terrabyte. Det tilsvarer ca. 13.5 millioner floppydisker for de som har det friskt i minnet! Vi valgte dog et annet leverings-format.


Videre forteller Produsent Ida Fiskerud, at dette prosjektet sto og falt på en rask feedbackloop, noe som fungerte utrolig godt både med teamet på TV2 men også der White Rabbit`s ressigør Geir Hørnes nærmest hadde fast plass i studio mot de siste dagene av leveransen.

Winter Olympics
Det var vanskelig å unngå

å få med seg det gjennomgående temaet av snø- og frostkrystaller til TV2 sin OL profil denne vinteren.
Storm studios og Shortcut har i samarbeide med White Rabbit ved Knut Jensen og regissør Geir Hørnes levert promo, idents og vignetter til vinterens største sportslige begivenhet: OL i Sotsji.

Konseptarbeidet startet allerede oktober 2013, der Geir Hørnes i samarbeid med Jenny Jordahl i TV2 hadde en klar retning om hvor de ville ta design og look på visuellene.
Idrettsutøverne ble filmet i studio på grønnvegg, så det var avgjørende å allerede ha detaljerte designkonsepter på dette stadiet.


Vi opplever det nyttig å få lov til å ta del i den kreative prosessen allerede ved den spede begynnelse, dette gjør at vi senere kan bruke tiden til artistene mest mulig effektivt, og tidlig avdekke mulige tidstyver og fordyrende elementer, forteller produsent ved Storm Studios, Ida Fiskerud.

I tillegg til filmene med utøverne skulle vi også lage logoelementer med voksende frostkrystaller. Dette viste seg å være en intrikat prosess. Vi filmet det hele i 5K Red Epic på makronivå.


Vi kan avsløre at de crispe iskrystallene er dannet ved hjelp av en kjemisk prosess der såpevann avkjølt med tørris som fikk pådrysset isstøv og salt. Med dette oppnådde vi voksende krystallformasjoner i meget sakte fart. Det ble mange fine detaljer og formasjoner, deretter kunne Storm isolere og speede det opp de beste tagningen, slik at voksingen kunne justeres i ønsket hastighet. Da timingen var låst ble elementene teksturert i 3D og benyttet som masker på 3D geometri. Så gjenstod det kun ferdigstillingen med refleksjoner, dybde og lys.


Idrettsutøvere samt profilerte TV2 aktører ble også filmet på grønnvegg med Phantomkamera i opptil 2500 bilder i sekundet og satt i miljø.

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This movie was special because it was filmed entirely in a greenscreen studio. All backgrounds and sets were created digitally, and only the things that the actors interacted with directly were physically present in the studio. Even some things that the actors do interact with were done as digital props and set pieces. Even cars were painted green and replaced with cg versions. The pre-production on this film was long and detailed. Storm Studios was responsible for planning and leading the digital work. The cg was done by the Swedish company Mad Crew, and compositing was done by storm Studios.


All shots were blocked out using the 3d set in advance, and the camera placement and movement was transferred to a motion control camera in the studio. Before each take, a floorplan of the current digital set was projected onto the floor and marked with tape and stand-in green walls, stairs etc so that the actors could navigate the invisible world. The director and dop could see a rough rendition of the set comped live with the actors. This image was also shown on a large monitor visible from the studio so that actors could get a feel for the world they were in.


This was the largest undertaking we have had since we did the animated feature film Free Jimmy, and we are proud to have been part of Scandinavia's first feature made in this way.

Scandinavia's first of its kind!
Detective duo Lasse and Maja

find a mysterious chest that has been hidden for 250 years and that seems impossible to open.

They hope that interest in the chest will generate enough revenue to fund the long overdue renovation of the church, but instead it attracts the three remaining descendants of the man who hid the chest. The Von Broms family want their inheritance.
Things are further complicated when the chest suddenly gets stolen, and someone starts pinching the Von Broms descendents’ gold family rings. Is it one of them trying to seize the entire inheritance for himself? And what actually happened to the fourth ring, the one that disappeared along with its bearer some thirty years ago?

Lasse and Maja have to find the chest and the thief in order to save the church, and their success depends on Lasse challenging himself to overcome his terrible fear of heights.

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Watch the first in a series of five alternatives for this commercial above.

The boy who flew
Earlier this summer,

we created all the visual effect shots for this feelgood commercial, for Canal Digital.
Canal Digital is running a campain where "they give back", and is looking for sport teams in need for upgrades, either if the clubhouse needs new paint, or the team need new outfits. All sport teams can apply at "".


The visual effects work involved mattepaints, a CG fire truck, wire removal, clean-up and compositing. All to get the illusision of a young boy being able to fly, and also reach unexpected locations.


Made in collaboration with director Marius Holst, 4 1/2 and Try.

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Silver award for best visual effects
Cadbury Gems (Museum) just won a silver award

for best visual effects at the Indian ad festival, Goafest!


Goafest is arranged every year in april, and is an advertisement festival for all people who believe in the power of ideas. Cadbury Gems also brought home a silver award for best direction. Congratulation to director Prakash Varma and the team at Nirvana Films. 



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Watch our breakdowns in the video above!

Knut Hamsuns Victoria
We took the city of Oslo back to the 19th century.

We had the honour of working on Victoria directed by Torunn Lian, produced by Filmkameratene: John M. Jacobsen/Sveinung Golimo based on Knut Hamsuns world famous novel by the same name.
In 61 shots we took the city of Oslo back to the 19th century. A challenge that demanded heavy CG, loads of mattepaints and good compositing. The movie is out in movie theaters all over Norway. Go see!

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Production companies: Animasjonsdepartementet, TRY

Director: Martin Engh

VFX-Supervisor: Morten Jacobsen

Mmmm, chocolate!
A river of chocolate

We love candy! And we love the taste of CG simulated chocolate rivers and fluids, which we created for this charming commercial by Animasjonsdepartementet.

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VES screening of Kon-Tiki in Los Angeles
Visual Effects Society

The world wide association of visual effects artists, VES, is hosting a screening of Kon-Tiki in Los Angeles.  The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the directors and the visual effects supervisor.  This is the first time a Norwegian film has been showcased this way, and we are excited over the fact that lots of vfx professionals will have the opportunity to see our work!


Watch our VFX breakdowns here!

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Storm Studios produced conceptual drawings for all the formations before the shoot in India. This way the client and the director got an impression of how the final product would look like before Storm Studios started the heavy time consuming simulations.- All the animation, simulations and compositing were done in Norway. The communication was mostly done via Skype, but halfway through the project the director came and supervised the work in our studio, says Ida Fiskerud.


The commercial was just recently released on television in India, and has already gotten a lot of praise and attention online.


Read the press release in Norwegian at Kreativt Forum.

Norwegian VFX in Indian advertisement!
Norwegian VFX in Indian advertisement!

- We can see a shift in the market.  Previously we outsourced visual effect shots to India, today Indian production companies are addressing us directly, says producer Ida Fiskerud from Storm Studios. 


This winter, Storm Studios produced the visual effect shots for a new commercial for Madhya Pradesh Tourism in collaboration with director Prakash Varma, Nirvana Films and Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai. With shots depicting the Holi-festival, the commercial is produced to encourage tourism in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.  Holi is a festival of colors that marks the beginning of spring. The participants throw colored powder at each other to celebrate creation and renewal. In the commercial the powder is used to shape famous landmarks, and this is where Storm Studios joined the team.


Storm Studios was introduced to the idea as early as in November last year and was therefore early on involved in the planning and pre-production. This gave us a good foundation for the following post-production work, says producer Ida Fiskerud.


- In January, our VFX Supervisor Morten Jacobsen went to India to be a part of the shoot. On set there were many challenges considering the powder. It became a very important task to consider whether the material was good enough to accomplish the digital-formations. While the director was focusing on the acting, Morten had the responsibility to make sure the powder had the preferred interaction with the environment, says Fiskerud.

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1. January 2013: Aftenposten released a video article today showing how we re-created the Bislett stadium digitally for The Half Brother, check out:


"Slik lages de visuelle effektene i Halvbroren." (In Norwegian)

Storm Studios did 215 vfx shots

for the new NRK series The Half Brother (Halvbroren), based on Lars Saabye Christensen novel from 2001, and produced by Monster. We like to give the director Per-Olav Sørensen a special thank you for letting us on board this amazing project.


Its set to premiere 6th of January 2013, on NRK1 at 20:55, so we will soon release breakdowns of the work we did.


Click above to watch the trailer.

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The zombies invades the humans

in this commercial for XXL - and the team at Storm Studios used visual effects to help the humans fight back.


The shoot took place in Miami, october 2012, and Storm Studios worked close with the directors Henrik Sander and Mathis Fürst back in Norway to create the visual effect shots. The main task was to duplicate the humans in the stadium shots, to let the humans be the majority to the zombies. Furthermore, the team ripped of a zombies arm, and animated a digital fotball, hockey pucks, and golfballs.


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New featurette

This featurette takes you behind the scenes of the amazing VFX work by Storm Studios on the Norwegian movie Kon-Tiki. It contains in-depth interviews with vfx-supervisor Hege Berg, lead effects td Magnus Pettersson, and producer Anne Sandberg. The interviews focus on different techniques used by the team, and the challenges they faced on various shots.
Directed by Jan Angelo Klepsland

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Gullbranson 2012

Storm Studios and VFX-Supervisor Otto Thorbjørnsen won the award for Best Visual Effect for the work done on Canal Digital / The Man Who Lived In A Film. Gullbranson is the Norwegian advertising industry`s own award and the name is a tribute to Norwegian director Johan Gullbranson who has won the Cannes Lions 19 times and also won prizes in Clio, Epica, Eurobest and the New York Film Festival. No other Norwegian directors have managed something similar.


Read more and see breakdowns here!

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DDB and Einar Film have created 8 new commercials for SAS, to highlight the advantages of travelling with the airline company. The campain consist of 1 main profile film, and seven shorts. 


For the end part of the main film, Storm Studios contributed in creating a very interesting and seamlessly transition between two clips. Check out! 

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Official trailer for Uskyld
Sara Johnsen's (director of Vinterkyss and Upperdog) latest film Uskyld

(International Title: All That Matters is Past)

premieres on November the 2nd. It has been praised in Toronto, and is already highly anticipated.


Make sure to have a look at the latest offical trailer above, and get prepared for this years murder mystery! 

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More milk, more happiness!

For director Nicolai Cleve Broch and production company Einar Film & Fortellinger, we  had the pleasure to create and animate the CG cow for this commercial for Nugatti. 


The plot is that Nugatti has released a new chocolate spread with more milk, to make it taste like delicious milk chokolate. Many, even the cows, is excited about that, as you can see in the acrobatic movements in the commercial.


Storm Studios made the main hero cow in full CG, and also animated the product in the packshot. 

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We Love Candy!
Nidar Favoritter

Behind every candy, is a VFX-house









Martin Engh

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Read more about the commercials in an arcticle in:


Dagbladet (norwegian)


In google translated english here

This is one in a series

of television commercials for insurance for young people.


Directed by Aksel Hennie, these are a series of fun and visually interesting films. The one you can see in this article is about a hysterical young girl who has just been dumped by her boyfriend, and who needs to be with her friend until she stopped crying. And this, of course, means tears.. lots of tears!


Together with Shortcut we were able to provide the whole post-production pipeline, including editing, sound design, grading, online, and VFX, all in-house. A great example of the collaboration between our two sister companies.


Einar Film




Aksel Hennie

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And The Oscar Goes To...

Kon-Tiki is closing in on the Oscar. See our work on the feature here, and read more about the other 8 candidates here

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The critics and directors say it all:


"We are delighted by the scenography and the staging. All of the technique and craftsmanship is a true pleasure to behold. In terms of film rhetoric this movie totally flows". Aftenposten Newspaper, Per Haddal


"Rønning and Sandberg have burned trough 93 million Norwegian kroner on this nautical voyage - they luckily ditched filming in or converting to 3D and saved 40 mill. In return 150 people worked on the special effects which is found in about a third of the movie, yet weave seamlessly into the clear southern pacific colors". Dagbladet Newspaper, Mikael Godø


"A lot of people worked on this film for over a year, and we would not have been able to make it had they charged full price. We're talking about people who have a passion for what they do - and you can guarantee that when the film releases this will get noticed even outside Norway!". VG Newspaper, Joachim Rønning.

This year's most anticipated Norwegian film Kon-Tiki

has now been released, and Storm Studios is proud to be part of the adventure. Along with directors Espen Sandberg and Joachim Rønning we created images of  a 1946 New York. This was achieved by using a combination of footage from the set in Bulgaria, Matte Paintings, actors shot on green screen, CG cars and CG smoke.

Storm Studios has also replaced much of the pacific ocean with digital simulated water - one of the most challenging tasks in visual effects. Effects Supervisor Magnus Pettersson worked several months on developing the water pipeline. According to Magnus one of the most challenging tasks was to handle all the data that the water simulations created. Each version produced 1TB of data that needed to be processed and rendered. When our simulation machine with 96GB of RAM ran out of memory, we knew we were in for a treat.
We are very excited about our raging seas in broad daylight for the film's big climax, and Mode Steinkjer from Dagsavisen Newspaper says "the special effects are impressive, whether they represent the actual events or contribute to the metaphysical buildup of the crew's psychological state of mind".

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The entire Storm team

had an amazing night at the royal premiere of Kon-Tiki yesterday.

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Watch the new exciting trailer!

The trailer for this year's most anticipated Norwegian film Kon-Tiki is now launched, and Storm Studios is proud to be part of the adventure. Along with directors Espen Sandberg and Joachim Rønning we brought Thor Heyerdahl to New York, and the Kon-Tiki raft on an extreme journey across the pacific ocean.


Storm Studios has reconstructed New York´s skyline, cars and atmosphere anno 1946. The technique used is a combination of mattepaints, CG and photos. Storm Studios has also replaced much of the pacific ocean with digital simulated water - one of the most challenging tasks in visual effects. We are very excited to show you raging seas in broad daylight for the film's big climax.


Kon-Tiki premieres on 24th of August.

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Everybody said that it would´t work - but we like to think different here at Storm. We teamed up with India and created two cool commercials with Nirvana Films. At this point they have been watched by more than 3 million on youtube. Will you be the next to click?

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A true legend and master of moviemaking
Collaboration with Jan Troell

We have just finished our collaboration with Jan Troell. A true legend and master of moviemaking. We are so proud to present our work on "Dom Over Död Mann" this autumn.


Photographer: Magnus Grubb

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Kon-Tiki wrap party

Proudly awaiting the Kon-tiki premiere - we will publish some really nice stuff for you later - we had our long awaited Kon-tiki wrap party. The theme was of, course, rafting. Courageously we entered Akerselva in small dinghies - Thor Heyerdahl would have been so proud!  - before we - well deserved - danced the night away.

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Our facility in Oslo is located in a beautiful old factory by the main river close to the city center. We share our facility with our colleagues at Nordisk Film Shortcut, which ensures cooperation and clear communication, and provides for all your post-production needs.

Storm Studios

Storm Studios is the largest supplier of VFX for feature films in Norway. Our services range from conceptual development, art direction and on-set vfx supervision to animation on films such as Max Manus, The King of Devil`s Island and Kon-tiki, as well as work on numerous commercials. One of the latest is the new Canal Digital commercial “The man who lived in a film” that was voted best non-US commercial on  "Clash of the Commercials" on CBS.
As part of an industry in constant development it is vital for Storm Studios to be at the cutting edge of new VFX and CGI technology. We have garnered a vast experience with explosions and debris, smoke, weather elements (snow/rain), set-extensions as well as creature work.
In 2010 Storm Studios co-founded Shortcut Norway with Nordisk Film. Shortcut is a post-production company that does film editing, color grading and sound work, giving clients a complete VFX and post-production facility in-house.

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They are all painted with Jotun
Storm Studios teamed up with Trollhunter director André Øvredal and the talented team at 4 1/2 to create full CG cities for TRY and Jotun.

"It would have been a tremendous challenge both legally and practically to shoot most of these shots on location, so we gave the client the opportunity to have it all created digitally from our office" - says VFX Supervisor, Morten Jacobsen. Teaming up with the director André Øvredal and animator Stig Saxegaard, we were able to previsualize the whole commercial in CG. "Our team of CG artists had a big task ahead of them, working with massive datasets and getting all the details of the iconic, ever changing cities correct" - says Head of CG, Espen Nordahl.

Storm Studios and Shortcut Norway share a beautiful old factory building in Oslo, offering a one-stop shop for VFX and post-production needs. Studio Manager Fredrik Arntzen says "We really got to finetune our workflow this time, having editing, CG, sound design and color grading going on at the same time. With an agile setup like this, the director is able to change something like a camera angle, lense or size of a building even after seeing the shot color-graded."


"I can’t deny that this has been a dream project for us, where we could utilize the expertise of the team here at Storm Studios, and having fun in the process. We hope more scriptwriters and agencies dare to imagine scenarios that require building full CG. It's not that scary." -says Producer at Storm Studios and Shortcut Oslo, Ida Fiskerud.


Visit our Jotun production page for more info.