Infinitum - Stakkars Peder

Commercial for Infinitum

  • Spa
  • Tennis
  • Motorsag
  • Video 1: Spa
  • Video 2: Tennis
  • Video 3: Motorsag

A few words about the project

ANTI / Geelmuyden Kiese
Production Company
Einar Film & Fortellinger
Aksel Hennie
VFX Supervisor
Morten Jacobsen
VFX Producer
Fredrik Arntzen
Creative Team
Magnus Petterson
Thomas Reppen
Valdimar Baldvinson
Espen Nordahl
Pontus Matsson
Alex Wolf
Helene Harmens
Håvard Munkejord
Tarje Pladsen
Simon Björk

Earlier this year we created VFX for a series of six hilarious "Infinitum" recycling commercials. Each film involves a scenario where Peder, the main protagonist, gets into akward situations where the recyclable bottle turns into energy driven objects, to demonstrate how much energy that goes into producing each bottle. 

We did water FX, CG tennisballs, sawdust particles, sparks, flying beard, tons of CG popcorns, wire removal and much more. Made in collaboration with the great team at Einar Film and director Aksel Hennie. 

Watch the first three films above.