Commercial for Jotun

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A few words about the project

Production Company
4 1/2
André Øvredal
VFX Supervisor
Morten Jacobsen
VFX Producer
Ida Fiskerud
Magnus Evensen
Julien Alary
Marius Brovold
Henry Cummings
Creative Team
Håvard Munkejord
Markus Bruland
Tarje Pladsen
Stig Saxegaard
Samuel Karlsson
Jan Ivar Solås
Alex Wolf
Simon Björk
Espen Nordahl
Ragnar Brynjulfsson
Production year

Storm Studios teamed up with Trollhunter director André Øvredal and the talented team at 4 1/2 to create full CG cities for TRY and Jotun.


"It would have been a tremendous challenge both legally and practically to shoot most of these shots on location, so we gave the client the opportunity to have it all created digitally from our office" - says VFX Supervisor, Morten Jacobsen. Teaming up with the director André Øvredal and animator Stig Saxegaard, we were able to previsualize the whole commercial in CG. "Our team of CG artists had a big task ahead of them, working with massive datasets and getting all the details of the iconic, ever changing cities correct" - says Head of CG, Espen Nordahl.


Storm Studios and Shortcut Norway share a beautiful old factory building in Oslo, offering a one-stop shop for VFX and post-production needs. Studio Manager Fredrik Arntzen says "We really got to finetune our workflow this time, having editing, CG, sound design and color grading going on at the same time. With an agile setup like this, the director is able to change something like a camera angle, lense or size of a building even after seeing the shot color-graded."


"I can’t deny that this has been a dream project for us, where we could utilize the expertise of the team here at Storm Studios, and having fun in the process. We hope more scriptwriters and agencies dare to imagine scenarios that require building full CG. It's not that scary." -says Producer at Storm Studios and Shortcut Oslo, Ida Fiskerud.