Pixels - VFX breakdowns

The pixelated attack on Taj Mahal

Storm Studios is proud to have delivered a thrilling action sequence for Columbia Pictures' summer blockbuster Pixels, directed by Chris Columbus.


We are very thankful for this unique opportunity to work with Columbia Pictures and VFX Supervisor Matthew Butler. We couldn’t have asked for a more fun experience. The team at Storm Studios, lead by vfx supervisor Espen Nordahl, had their work cut out for them when tasked with destroying the iconic Taj Mahal building in this vfx heavy sequence. We had to pixelise parts of the building each time it got hit by the “Arkanoid” video game characters. The techical complexity of the effects combined with the photoreal, yet supernatural nature of the shots, was quite the challenge to achieve.


Most of the shots ended up being 100% CG with the exception of the forground actors. And after countless hours of simulating and rendering, we are proud to say the final shots showcase some of the best work we have ever produced.