King of Devil`s Island

On the boys home Bastoy, a new inmate leads the boys to a violent uprising against a brutal regime.

  • Kongen av Bastøy - VFX Breakdowns
  • Video 1: Kongen av Bastøy - VFX Breakdowns

A few words about the project

Production Company
4 1/2
Marius Holst
Otto Thorbjørnsen
Production year

We were awarded the Norwegian vfx-prize Best Visual Effects 2011 for the work we did on King of Devil´s Island, and the effects included a full animated CG warship and a full replacement of backgrounds.
King of Devil´s Island is based on the true story of Erling (17), who is placed in a home for delinquent boys on the island of Bastøy in the outer Oslo fjord, from which he is determined to escape. After a tragic event, Erling leads the other boys in a riot against the principal and guards at the home, but is eventually faced with a 150 armed soldiers sent by the state to quench the uprising.