Mennesker i Solen

It's the end of the world!

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A few words about the project

Production Company
Per-Olav Sørensen
Morten Moen
Production year

Two Norwegian dysfunctional, though very normal, couples go on a beach holiday to Sweden, just to experience the first day of their holiday is to be the last day of their lives, just as described in the Holy Bible, when the world is going under. The son of the first family we meet is mute, and though cute, not able to do anything right in his mothers eyes. The other couple is not able to have kids. The two small families are dysfunctional, godless, and not able to either really communicate or understand that the the things happening around them is much more severe than what their spouses are doing, which they are picking on. They are not very kind either towards each other, or to them selves. Then the neighboring danish cancer-ridden older woman Mrs. Sorensen arrives to her cabin, with no key, not being invited to the couples dinnerparty. Her wise comments are not understood by anyone but the boy. This day is special, as it is too hot, too light too late in the evening. When it starts to rain blood, the most important thing is to save the dinner from the table. As the world goes under, the boy gets lost, as well as the old woman, at least for a while...