DNB - Innboforsikring for unge

Commercial for DNB

  • DNB - Crygirl
  • DNB - Sissorgirl
  • DNB - Batboy
  • Video 1: DNB - Crygirl
  • Video 2: DNB - Sissorgirl
  • Video 3: DNB - Batboy

A few words about the project

Production companies
Einar Film
Aksel Hennie
Morten Moen
Production year

Television commercials for insurance for young people.

Directed by Aksel Hennie, these are a series of fun and visually interesting films. The Crygirl film is about a hysterical young girl who has just been dumped by her boyfriend, and who needs to be with her friend until she stopped crying. And this, of course, means tears.. lots of tears!

Together with Shortcut we were able to provide the whole post-production pipeline, including editing, sound design, grading, online, and VFX, all in-house. A great example of the collaboration between our two sister companies.