Zombie commercial for XXL

  • XXL - zombie
  • Video 1: XXL - zombie

A few words about the project

Production Company
Motion Blur
Schjærven Reklamebyrå
Henrik Sander
Mathis Fürst
Morten Jacobsen
Production year

The zombies invades the humans in this commercial for XXL - and the team at Storm Studios used visual effects to help the humans fight back.


The shoot took place in Miami, october 2012, and Storm Studios worked close with the directors Henrik Sander and Mathis Fürst back in Norway to create the visual effect shots. The main task was to duplicate the humans in the stadium shots, to let the humans be the majority to the zombies. Furthermore, the team ripped of a zombies arm, and animated a digital fotball, hockey pucks, and golfballs.