Series of commercials for OneCall

  • Vannski
  • Dekning
  • VFX breakdowns Reel
  • Versailles (VFX Breakdown)
  • Versailles
  • Familiepakka
  • Teknologi
  • Trening
  • Box - Film 2
  • Box - Film 1
  • Video 1: Vannski
  • Video 2: Dekning
  • Video 3: VFX breakdowns Reel
  • Video 4: Versailles (VFX Breakdown)
  • Video 5: Versailles
  • Video 6: Familiepakka
  • Video 7: Teknologi
  • Video 8: Trening
  • Video 9: Box - Film 2
  • Video 10: Box - Film 1

A few words about the project

Los & Co
Production Company
Einar Film
Aksel Hennie
John Andreas Andersen
Vfx supervisors
Morten Moen
Morten Jacobsen
Production year
2014 - 2017

We have been doing a series of commercials for OneCall (Norwegian telecom company) with Los & Co, Einar Film and director Aksel Hennie involving a large variety of large and small environments and interiors, existing within a large, white universe. The stories addresses OneCalls benefits compared to other telecom companies, and why they are "as good - just cheaper".

Storm Studios have been involved from early concept development, previz and on-set supervision during the shoots in Praque, Oslo, Budapest and Mallorca, to creating all the visual effect shots, which involve extensive keying/roto, digital backdrops and full CG packshots.

Our in-house partners at Shortcut have been doing the post production including colour grading, sound design and online. With Storm and Shortcuts close in-house collaboration we have been able to benefit from a seamless workflow and co-operation, from plate handling and offline support, to making sure the sound designer and colourist always work on the latest VFX versions.