You had me at “dragon”

  • Ridderost
  • Video 1: Ridderost

A few words about the project

Production Company
Motion Blur
Harald Zwart
VFX Supervisor
Thomas Reppen
Espen Nordahl
Creative Team
Tarje Pladsen
Stig Saxegaard
Valdimar Baldvinsson
Jan Ivar Solås
Andreas Crönstrøm
Ragnar Brynjúlfsson
Production year

We can’t think of anything more fun and exciting than creating CG creatures, so when Motion Blur approached us with their dragon project for Ridderost, we were thrilled. This was a technically challenging project especially when considering the tight schedule, but the team came together and pulled it off once again. We sculpted, shaded and animated the dragon for this spot and we added more smoke and fire to the plates. The goal was to give this dragon a ton of personality, and to go from a scary dragon in the first shot, to a more comic dragon in the later shots.


The animation team executed this challenge perfectly, and the result is stunning and hilarious. The spot was beautifully shot, which really made this into a memorable and epic commercial.