Stratos - Midt i uka

Commercial for Stratos

  • Stratos - Midt i uka
  • Video 1: Stratos - Midt i uka

A few words about the project

Per Høj
Production Company
Kristoffer Carlin
VFX Supervisor
Morten Jacobsen
VFX Producer
Fredrik Arntzen
Character Design
Stig Saxegaard
Creative Team
Espen Nordahl
Håvard Munkejord
Ragnar Brynjúlfsson
Jan Ivar Solas
Roy Margalit

We´re super excited to have redesigned the famous Norwegian chocolate mascot "The Stratos Cow". Our art director Stig Saxegaard and director Kristoffer Carlin did a more realistic take on the classic design and even made it half-puppy, half-cow. References of begging eyes in Puss in Boots and animal videos on YouTube inspired us to design a cow that is chubby, but at the same time packed with energy like an excited puppy.