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A few words about the project

Production Company
Three Wise Monkeys
Michael Geoghegan
VFX Supervisor
Øystein Larsen
Production year

We are thrilled to announce that our collaboration with production company Three Wise Monkeys in UK resulted in an exciting new international campaign for Suzuki. We were invited along by senior producer Carl Grinter and the great folks at Partizan to work on nearly 40 shots with visual effects. We did crowd duplication, complex set-extensions, digital cars and heavily enhancements to the festival by adding balloons, confetti, flags and other details. A huge thank you to director Michael Geoghegan for letting us have such creative influence.

Our vfx supervisor Øystein Larsen oversaw the production shoot in and around Malaga, Spain as well as post production at Storm. "It was a taxing shoot with massive amounts of extras and a fast paced shooting schedule, albeit extremely rewarding. We are very greatful for the opportunity to work with a steadfast director with such a clear vision and goal, yet still open to creative inputs in the heat of production"

Shortcut's Flame Artist, Henry Cummings worked in tandem with Storm and Partizan throughout the production. Cummings says "This project had it all, cars, huge crowds, multiple locations, and of course the tightest of schedules. Working together with Michael and Øystein we meticulously mapped out the whole process, which allowed us to not only hit the deadline, but just as importantly we bought ourselves enough time to offer additional creative alternatives to Michael and the agency during posts."