Myntkast and Nye baller

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  • Unibet - Nye baller
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A few words about the project

Production Company
Einar Film
Morten Tyldum
VFX Producer
Fredrik Arntzen
VFX Supervisor
Øystein Larsen
Espen Nordahl
Magnus Petterson
Ragnar Brynjulfsson
Jan Ivar Solås
Simon Björk
Jan Ivar Solås
Elin Andersson
Conform and pipeline
Daniel Flehner Heen

Shortcut and Storm Studios had once more the pleasure of working with the lovely team at Einar Film and director Morten Tyldum for DDB and Unibet. This was DDBs first campaign for Unibet after they won the account this year. Unibet is Europe´s biggest online gaming company.


Øystein Larsen, VFX-Supervisor at Storm Studios says: "We shot two spots in the course of one day in Lisbon, Portugal. One spot for day time and one for night time. Planning this meant that we would use no green screen or other means to isolate the players on the field. For the night time spot, which was meant to depict a big game between Brazil and Croatia at the yet unfinished Corinthian stadium in Brazil, I wanted to assure we kept the energy and feel of a big game. We went about creating the stadium in 3D with crowds generated through a software called Miarmy. This worked very well for us, and played well with our in house renderer Arnold. We generated about 40.000 spectators with flags, banners and flashing cameras. There was quite a bit of work rotoscoping the foreground players, but it kept the shoot moving fast and gave us great dynamic stadium lighting on the players. Working with a director like Morten Tyldum is great, as he keeps the energy flowing through the entire shoot and we solve challenges creatively as we go. The great team here at Storm did a fantastic job implementing new software to handle the work, and pushed out high quality visuals in the matter of a few weeks.