Premier League and US Open

  • Unibet - Premier League
  • Unibet - US Open
  • Video 1: Unibet - Premier League
  • Video 2: Unibet - US Open

A few words about the project

Production Company
Einar Film
Morten Tyldum
Nicolai Cleve Broch
VFX Supervisor
Otto Thorbjørnsen
VFX Producer
Fredrik Arntzen
Creative Team
Espen Nordahl
Håvard Munkejord
Tarje Pladsen
Valdimar Baldvonsson
Magnus Pettersson
Lars Ellingbø
Alex Wolf
Birna Olafsdottir
David Nelin
Helene Harmens
Jan Ivar Solås
Pontus Mattson
Morten Jacobsen
Daniel Flehner Heen

This summer we worked on two new Unibet commercials for DDB with directors Morten Tyldum & Nicolai Cleve Broch from Einar Film. Storm was tasked with creating a fictitious US Open tennis court, a state of the art football training facility and a nondescript Premiere league-ish stadium complete with crowds. Making a mock up hair commercial was an added bonus! Shooting took place in Madrid and Oslo and we had a blast working with both DDB and Einar Film.